What does Trump mean for Canada's national security?

I mean... when you elect a reality TV star as your president, it should be reasonable to expect your country to turn into a reality TV show.  President Trump spent his first week signing controversial executive orders - the most controversial of which was an order for an immigration ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.  

People were shocked! SHOCKED!!! That this action could ever take place in THE United States of America, and of course it's awful... but maybe when you vote for a President who runs on a platform of banning Muslims, you should expect him to enact it, even if it means circumventing the law.

Meanwhile in my native country of Canada, our Prime Minister and award winning Prince Eric look alike Justin Trudeau had this very important message on Twitter, because apparently that's super cool in 2017.

That's a very sweet sentiment, Prime Minister Trudeau, but IS IT THE CATALYST FOR AN AMERICAN INVASION OF CANADA!? Time to put on our tinfoil hats, everyone.

Okay, so this is how it starts.  The Muslim Ban is important to Bannon's Trump's political agenda, so can he really have a close ally and neighbour continue to undermine America's authority?

You're going to start hearing, "with us or against us," rhetoric from the Trump administration.  Threats of sanctions and calls to end trade agreements with Canada will come next, and then finally, the killer blow.

They're going to accuse our accepting of refugees as a threat to their national security.  "They're taking in Terrorists!" They'll cry, "they ARE Terrorists!" And that will be that.

Okay, well that was a fun ride, wasn't it? I mean, it's not IMPOSSIBLE, but it isn't likely to happen either.  What is much more likely is Russian expansion into the arctic. 

It's no secret that Russian Bear Bomber planes are sometimes discovered in the extreme North.  What isn't known is the motivation behind it. Are they testing our sensor equipment? Are they testing their limits? Maybe they were simply off course, who knows.  What is known is that the Canadian Arctic may prove to be extremely valuable.  An estimated 1/5 of the world's petroleum reserves are up there, and Trudeau joined Obama with banning drilling on the arctic shelf.  That's not good for business.

Another important piece of information is Trump's ties to Russian oil.  Basically Trump has vested interests in lifting the Russian sanctions that were imposed after the annexation of Crimea.  The reason is because Russia recently discovered a bunch of oil that was revealed due to global warming, and there was a deal to use American technology and machinery to get access to it.  In fact, brand new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made $500 million off of Russian oil.  Also Trump has invested a bunch too.

So this all comes down to one question.  What would happen if Russia just grabbed a bunch of arctic land from Canada? A year ago we could say that the US would never allow it.  They'd likely even be willing to use military force if necessary. But today? Do you think Trump would upset his positive relations with Vlad and Russia?Do you think he'd take that type of economic hit, just to protect a terrorist harbouring neighbour? Yeah, me neither.