Is Trump leading the U.S to another Civil War?

Website?  Check.

Clickbaity title?  Check.

Alright, time to get down to business.  Even before Trump was elected I had a personal theory about the worse case scenario of his presidency, and although I passed my own theories off as alarmist and sensationalized, it appears as though the path is coming to fruition.  In only Trump's second week he's made strides towards furtherly disenfranchising the middle class, activating a policy of double speak, and is creating a database of racial fear-based propaganda.  Gotta give it to him, he works fast.  So fast.  Nobody works faster than him.  

So what exactly is this all leading to?  Well a civil war seems dramatic doesn't it? The United States is a global institution and the cornerstone of the global economy.  Predicting a civil war is a worrying hypothesis because it would disrupt the current world order.  Basically what I'm saying is this is purely speculation, and I hope to god that it doesn't happen.  

It starts with California.  California has a population of 39 million and is equal to the world's 6th largest economy.  Sufficed to say California would likely be able to stand as it's own nation, and they know it.  They also voted overwhelmingly in favour of Hillary Clinton.  

California will be the biggest thorn in the Trump Administration's side.  It's going to start with low rumblings of secession in California (which has already started by the way), but nobody's going to take it seriously.  How could California possibly secede? They're so quintessentially American!  California's success ensured America its Manifest Destiny, it made the U.S. a continental nation, and it is the cornerstone of America's cultural identity.  They would never leave the U.S.

Just like England would never leave the E.U. and Donald Trump would never become president.

Protests and riots will become more frequent in the United States, and eventually a motion to secede will be presented to the California State Senate, and although it will get tabled, it will be debated.

Californians will slowly experience an identity switch.  They'll start to identify more as Californians, and not Americans.  The debate gets heated, and eventually a secession referendum is proposed.

Now, the republicans might be the world champs at partisan politics, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to administer over the fraction of the Union.  Congress will vote on the impeachment of Donald Trump, and it will pass.  Donald Trump will be impeached from the presidency.

Although the Californians don't like the politics of Mike Pence, it does look like stability will remain on the continent.  Pence lifts the travel ban and the public is no longer subjected to midnight Twitter storms from the POTUS.  And while Pence's policies are regressive and worrisome, most people take a breath of relief, because it really looked like it could have spiraled out of control there.

And then things start spiraling out of control.

In the heartland of America - where Donald Trump's most fervent supporters reside - there is unrest.  People there are deeply disturbed by Donald Trump's impeachment.  They see it as another example of Washington's corrupted ways.  They just kicked Trump out because he was different, "he was different and they didn't even give him a chance!" they'll say!  "Something needs to be done!"

Pence will survive until the 2020 elections.  If the Dems are smart they'll nominate someone progressive like Elizabeth Warren, if they're dumb, they'll go with another party establishment candidate.  Either way, the Democrats will win, and the election will be mostly about Donald Trump and the dividedness of America.

This will be when the rumblings of the Trump supporters will reappear.  They'll start with threats to secede from the union.  "It worked for California, why shouldn't we exercise the same right?"

Amid violent protests, many of which will have racist and sexist overtones, the threat will become clear to the President: "resign from the presidency or we'll secede."  Of course the President will not give in to any such threats, and I doubt the issue of secession will ever make any state senate hearings, but the damage will be done.  We'll have war.

The problem is that unlike the First American Civil War, this will not be a frontal war.  This will be a more nebulous war, one of ideology.  Homegrown terrorism will become a problem, as well as a resistance from the African American community.  Much like the First Civil war, the messiest places will be in the middle of the country, places like Kansas and Missouri.  Here, a three way clash will erupt between state and federal governments, the white-national terrorists, and the African American uprisings.  These states will face serious threats of instability.

The debates about the future of these war zones will be had in the major cities of America.  Questions about how they got here, and what they could have done to prevent it.  People will debate about the future of the United States of America, and where its future lies.  There will be protests, some of which will have bouts of violence, and there's no knowing how America will come out of it.  One thing, however, will be for certain, the United States of America will no longer be the most economically sound, or powerful nation in the world anymore.

 If I were to go any further I would straight up sucked into the Speculation Dimension where people wear tinfoil hats and imagine a world where Kennedy didn't get assassinated.  But in a world where Donald Trump is president, anything can happen, even civil war.